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Tyler King

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For over 15 years I have enjoyed opportunities in the advertising and marketing industry in Toronto. From boutique shops to major design firms, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the top brands in the market.

My design talents stretch across all platforms, in addition to the special abilities that come from many years as a formally trained visual artist. I thrive in team environments and will easily take the lead if the project requires it.     

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Deloitte Consulting

Metrolinx WiFi App

Studio Session

Manulife – Littles Campaign

Brand New

Aucti – Online Auctions Web App

BigBam Studio

Detour UX Rebrand

Indoor Shoot

Polychrome Interiors – Rebrand

One Man Army

Aucti – Onboarding UI

Deep Orange

Hershey’s Road Trip Contest

Self Promotion

FNFG Gatefold

by NoName

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We create solutions that build global brands. Our task is to solve complex problems that we turn into success.




Top Brands

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Many years of my experience come from financial and automotive branding.
I have also worked on some of the top brands in the market

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